Industry partners

Industry partners

The 4INSULATION has been designed as the meetings platform for industrial insulation producers and business-insider contractors. The event is the presentation arena for the latest industrial insulation technologies, products and materials as well as techniques and methods showcase. This is also a perfect place to establish business contacts with representatives of Polish companies. The 4INSULATION trade fair is first and foremost targeted at insulation professionals and business-insiders, energy, chemical and petrochemical industries companies in addition to distributors, constructors, maintenance technicians and those who are being trained for the profession.
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The European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) is a foundation headquartered in Switzerland. As a neutral and non-profit institution, we promote insulation as a top-of-mind method of enhancing sustainability and profitability. Since its foundation, the EiiF has established itself as a resource for industries that need to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy. Our activities raise awareness of the growing, much needed benefits of insulation. The EiiF was established in 2009 by 12 Founding Partners. Nowadays, it comprises more than 60 leading industrial insulation companies from global player size to small and medium-sized companies.
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Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie (HDB)
The deutsche Bauindustrie is a guarantor for quality in construction. It is committed to sustainable and socially responsible economic activity. Mostly run as a family business, they are supra-regionally positioned, highly innovative and concentrate on technically complex projects. The demanding tasks are met with a high level of engineering and management competence, which also includes services related to the building.
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For more than 20 years we are consulting industrial companies with their business developmental efforts in Performance Fibers and technical textiles that can be found in applications such as automotive, composites, thermal insulation, fire protection, seals and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
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Rudolf Müller Verlagsgesellschaft
The Rudolf Müller Mediengruppe is one of the leading specialist information providers in the fields of planning, construction, real estate and trade marketing. It offers all forms of information transfer - from classic print media and electronic media to specialist and training events.
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Zentralverband des Deutschen Baugewerbes (ZDB)
The Zentralverband Deutsches Baugewerbe is the oldest and largest building association in Germany. It represents the interests of 35,000 medium-sized owner-managed construction companies in a wide range of sectors. As the largest industry association, it represents the entire spectrum of the construction industry: from classic building construction, road construction and civil engineering to finishing work. These include tilers, traditional carpenters, timber builders, well builders, specialist foundation engineers, screed layers and turnkey contractors, as well as companies that offer all services from project management to facility management and handle complete PPP projects. The ZDB brings together both small, owner-managed companies with a strong handicraft background and large medium-sized companies.
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