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KESPET OY at IEX - Insulation Expo Europe 2018:




The ready-for-assembly KESPET hood unit produced in Finland represents a modular insulation and cladding solution. The hood unit is protected under copyright law. It was developed specifically for hood-covered tops and walls of paper machines that require specific characteristics such as steam tightness and heat insulation. It can also be used as a sheet metal cladding in various halls and engine rooms. The units are produced in serial runs and are 1,100 mm wide. Customers may request lengths of up to 7,500 mm. Narrower units can be produced depending on the size of the object in order to guarantee coverage of the entire surface.

The unit consists of a C-cassette construction, mineral wool, and mouldings. The interior length of the unit is reinforced using Z-strips, while the ends are reinforced using U-strips. Due to its construction, the unit can bear loads of up to 200 kg per unit with supports every 2,500 mm. Heat transfer through the unit is interrupted by fibreglass ribbons that serve as thermal separators. A factory-installed insulating ribbon in the cladding of the unit warrants tightness between the individual units during installation. Profile joints guarantee correct installation, tightness, and finish during the assembly of the units. Thanks to their lightweight construction, the units can be handled easily. Installation is quick and easy. The units are attached to the support structure using self-tapping screws and factory installed anchor points.

Each project is designed and manufactured specifically in accordance with an existing or future support structure. The materials used are selected depending on the project requirements. The cover sheets can be made from various materials, such as aluminium, stucco-aluminium, coloured sheets, or galvanized sheets. The insulating material and its thickness are determined also according to the project specifications. Upon request, the units can be manufactured with inspection openings or other openings as well as lead-throughs for pipes and drains.

The units are delivered on pallets and are labelled in accordance with the installation instructions. They can also be shipped in containers to international locations. Delivery includes all services and the installation materials.



The KESPET sound insulation unit can be used in engine rooms or halls. The unit series is designed and manufactured in accordance with existing or future support structures, similar to the process described for the hood units. The overall noise emissions in factories or plants can be significantly decreased by insulating the high-noise production areas using KESPET sound insulation units. The unit is also well suited for use in ceilings and noise insulation walls to achieve noise reduction, better acoustics, or the reduction of unwanted echoes. Smaller systems such as fans, conveyors, pumps, machines, or plants can be insulated using KESPET acoustic housings in order to reduce the noise right at the source.

The KESPET noise insulation unit comprises sand metal sheets in C-cassette design, noise insulation material, and mouldings. In addition, the structure is reinforced using Z and U strips. Cover and insulation materials are selected depending on the specific requirements.

The use of KESPET noise insulation units can result in an average noise reduction of various frequencies of 30 dB. Many factors play a role when it comes to noise protection. This is why we consult with our customers in order to provide the best possible solution.