Kaimann GmbH

Kaimann GmbH at IEX – Insulation Expo Europe 2018:

Interview with
Georg Josef (Jürgen) Kaimann
CEO and owner, Kaimann GmbH

Mr. Kaimann, what are the current trend themes at your company?

Our top themes are fire protection, energy efficiency, Green Building as well as facility, operational and building safety.  

In the field of fire protection one of our prime aims is to increase people’s safety in the event of fire. Here insulation material solutions are called for that generate little smoke in the event of a fire. After all, statistics show that in 80% of fires people do not die from the flames and/or heat but from the smoke generated by a fire. Thanks to the low smoke generation of our Kaiflex insulation materials escape routes remain visible for longer thereby reducing suffocation and intoxication risks substantially.  

An equally important health-related theme is noise protection in residential buildings, offices or at production sites. Wherever people are exposed to permanent noise stress rises while productivity drops. Efficient noise insulation by Kaimann increases the value of buildings, staff productivity and lowers stress-related health risks.  

In addition to this, the current mega trends Urbanisation and Green Mobility are of great interest to us. They require sustainable and smart energy, safety and noise insulation concepts. Take the example of rural exodus. Those not wanting to move to city centres have to commute. Against this backdrop rail-bound transport is gaining in importance. Here products are required that provide both thermal insulation and acoustic decoupling at the same time.  

In private transportation there is a clear trend towards Green Mobility. Considering the associated noise, solutions are also needed here that control noise, protect sensitive engine electronics and protect passengers’ lives in case of fire.  

In the face of these many and varied challenges we aspire to remain one of the technology and innovation leaders.   

Tell us about the new solutions you will be exhibiting at IEX 2018?

Building safety regulations are subject to ever stricter standards. One solution to comply with these regulations is Kaiflex KKplus s1 – a highly fire-resistant and almost smokeless insulation system. Thanks to their novel KaiCene technology (patent pending) even without cladding the hoses reach the European Smoke Class s1. The boards are rated as “actively fire protecting” thanks to INCERAM cladding.

Kaiflex KKplus s1/s2 – the plus for personal and fire protection

This means the s1-System ideally complements Kaiflex KKplus s2, which also boasts clearly improved smoke behaviour. Thanks to the KaiCene technology Kaiflex KKplus s2 boards have a lower bulk density and, hence, produce a better insulation effect compared with other, low-smoke products.  

For insulating stainless steel pipes – that also have to comply with all the safety standards under highest loads – we have developed the halogen-free insulation system Kaiflex HFplus. Kaiflex HFplus s1 boards also come with INCERAM cladding that provides active fire protection. This insulation system is free of PVC, chlorides and brominated flame retardants in both Smoke Classes. Depending on the configuration it complies with the Green Building Standards and can therefore be used in sustainable construction without hesitation.  

Piping that transports high-temperature liquids or is subject to changing temperatures is perfectly insulated with Kaiflex EPDMplus. This system can be used wherever effective thermal insulation is called for.  

Another innovation is R-FORCE for applications involving load-bearing but not brittle materials. The technology (patent pending) requires no additional carrier material. The greater the pressure exerted on it, the higher the counter-pressure built up by the foam.
R-FORCE - SERIEF: semi-rigid elastomeric foam
Kaisound – acoustic protection – as flexible as it gets

On top of all this, our versatile Kaimann acoustic solutions cater to many different requirements for acoustic insulation and dampening thereby making for comfort and well-being in both commercial and residential settings.  

As smart accessories we present comClad, R-FORCEplus (V-Cut) – our new Kaiflex pipe carriers and innovative connectors – as an alternative to wet glue.
comClad – The better alternative to metal cladding

For oil, gas and cryogenic plants we offer Multilayer Solutions. In the pipeline systems of major industrial facilities even the smallest of defects can have serious consequences. Kaimann’s insulation materials protect pipes against corrosion underneath the insulation layer while ensuring acoustic decoupling and reduced vibration at the same time.

What is special about your materials?

The components of our portfolio generate strong synergies: We use the decisive benefits of our Kaiflex, R-FORCE and Kaisound products to develop customer-specific, complete solutions.  

Kaiflex insulation materials are fitted with an integral water vapour barrier to ensure very good corrosion protection. Furthermore, they boast very good thermal conductivity and therefore minimise expensive energy losses.  

The production process ends with an innovative packaging and logistics concept that significantly simplifies transport, storage, handling and delivery – bringing customers noticeable cost and safety benefits.

Who do you target with these products?

In principle, our products are relevant to everyone and therefore our target groups are balanced. Alongside architects and planners as well as project managers for technical insulation (insulation engineers) we, of course, also want our products to reach people who will actually use the building or plant later on – i.e. the residents, workers, patients, hotel guests or investors and plant operators.  

How do you feel the market for industrial insulations will develop in the medium term?

We rate market development and the economic situation overall in our core segments as very positive and see great potential. Add to this the fact that the political situation in our target countries is stable long-term so that subsidies are granted, projects approved and also implemented. Luckily, we anticipate that these circumstances will not change significantly.  

Thanks to our continuous process refinement as well as technological optimisations we are in a position to offer smart, turn-key solutions where the individual components are optimally coordinated with each other thereby ensuring high system reliability. All of these are perfect prerequisites for successful business development.