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24 – 25 June 2020
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Korff Isolmatic GmbH

Korff Isolmatic at IEX - Insulation Expo Europe 2018:

Precise solutions for the cooling and deep-freezing sector

Korff_Logo_solo_CMYK_V1_0512.jpg Interview with Matthias Bopp,
Managing Director, Korff Isolmatic GmbH

Mr. Bopp, in your opinion, how will the market for technical insulation develop in the medium term?

We see continued stable growth in our industry. The increased readiness to invest among major businesses, in particular, has led to a sizeable upturn since 2017. Demand is delightfully high right now. Leaving aside geopolitical risks, we assume that it will stay that way in the medium term.

What topics are trending right now for your company?

Very clearly: individuality and quality. These days, anyone can supply “off-the-shelf” insulation. But customers increasingly appreciate that we provide them with products that solve their highly specific problems at the construction site. We’ve specialised in the cooling and deep-freeze segment and have noticed that there’s more and more of a focus on that field. Producing cold costs 8 to 10 times more than producing heat. One more reason to bet on carefully designed and flawlessly implemented insulation solutions.

What new solutions in this area will you showcase at IEX 2018?

We don’t necessarily introduce new solutions at trade shows because we deliver them daily to our customers’ construction sites. In this sense, we continuously develop new solutions with our customers. We’re a service provider that implements individual and complex requirements in small and large insulation projects. We can only show a fraction of that at IEX. First and foremost, we want to stay engaged in a dialogue, make suggestions and get new ideas. We’re celebrating our 60th company anniversary this year and still learn something new every day.

What distinguishes your materials?

True to our slogan, “Diversity in Every Dimension”, our customers can freely choose the perfect type of insulation solution from a wide range of raw materials to match local conditions. That means customers perform insulation work on cryogenic media such as LNG with -163°C. Using drawings, dimension sheets etc. and considering the conditions onsite, we select a suitable foam type, propose an appropriate factory-installed surface and deliver the required insulation elements just in time to the construction or temporary storage sites.

Who are you targeting with these products?

Our selection is aimed at all the actors in the industry, meaning planners, processors, distributors and end customers. Tasked day after day with mastering challenges at construction sites, these often are the so-called problem solvers who are grateful for individual support.