EiiF presents TBI app

17 February 2020

The new TBI app from the EiiF shows the estimated energy and money saving potential of a technical insulation system. At IEX Europe, the self-inspection and reporting tool will be presented in the "Visions Workshop".  

With the TBI app, potential energy and CO2 savings can be estimated. The estimation methodology is based on the EiiF's extensive TIPCHECK experience, simplified heat transfer formulae from the ISO 12241 standard and generic values that allow for a conservative estimate.

In addition, the TBI app also offers the possibility to report information on safety concerns (e.g. surfaces that are too hot and fire protection requirements), maintenance errors (e.g. leakage and corrosion detection) and other aspects relevant to the user.

Further information on the EiiF's TBI app: https://www.eiif.org/tbi


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