Schwartmanns Maschinenbau GmbH

Schwartmanns at IEX – Insulation Expo Europe 2018:

Towards the future with intelligent software systems

Interview with Thomas Pitsch,
Authorised Officer/Sales Manager,
Schwartmanns Maschinenbau GmbH

Mr. Pitsch, what issues is Schwartmanns working on at the moment?

We’re working feverishly on digitalisation, both in the area of mobile measuring systems and in all our other machines. Our equipment is getting smart.

What novel solutions in this area will you showcase at IEX 2018?

A new mobile measurement system that will fully digitise sheet metal prefabrication. The data collected at the construction site are sent to the shop floor, where they are instantly imported into our universal cutting system. Interfaces linking business software make it much faster and easier to settle the account. This results in a significantly higher level of quality and a faster overall process for our customers.

“Smart” machines. Our standard equipment, such as beading and roll bending machines, is getting smarter and gets access to the Internet. Benefits for the user: thanks to GPS, one can always see where in the world the machine is located at any given time; the utilisation rates of the machines can be retrieved online, and borderline situations, like equipment overload etc., become more transparent. All information is available in a web portal. All customers get their own login, enabling them to “monitor” their machines. At IEX 2018 we will showcase our smart beading and roll bending machines.

A new pipe production machine for the fully automated production of pipe meters.

A new generation of beading and roll bending machines with infinitely variable speed adjustment and completely new control and motor technology.

What distinguishes the new systems and machines?

We’re showing real innovations! Not just advancements of old ideas but new ones for a new generation of insulation professionals. That’s how we develop our brand values. Beyond offering the highest quality, Schwartmanns delivers innovative solutions and intelligent software systems.

In your opinion, how will the market for technical insulation develop in the medium term? 

Technical insulation will play an increasingly important role in the context of a global energy debate. The key will be to use appropriate measuring methods to demonstrate the savings potential, thus calculating the return on investment for plant operators before they install insulation. In addition, we’ll also have to export our high standards – especially in the area of sheet metal casing – to other parts of the world. Highly developed countries like the United States, but also many of the Asian countries, are still far away from where we are today.