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TTM GmbH • ISOLPAK CLAD 7-Layer - Project Overwie 2018

  • Best Practice: Full installation including insulation.
  • Project name: Kings Cross School, London, UK
  • Contractor name: AJ Insulations , Leicester, UK
  • Insulation materials: Rigid Foam insulation board
  • Original Specification: Insulation covered with metal jacketing.
  • Reason for Specification change: Improved weather seal, as metal requires rivets and sealants to provide a seal that over time will fail. Cost savings as well as time savings also a consideration.

Key installation requirements:

  1. Insulation to be fixed to the underside of the duct with insulation pins.
  2. Insulation to the top of the duct to be sloped to provide watershed.
  3. ISOLPAK CLAD to be installed from underside, sides and finally the tops.

Benefits & Advantages:

  1. Faster installation for contractor providing cost savings.
  2. Weather-proof seal
  3. Easy repair and maintenance.
  4. ISOLPAK CLAD comes with limited warranty, metal has no warranty.
  5. Extra mechanical strength to tops of insulation is provided by placing a thin metal sheet with it angled to the sides before being overwrapped by ISOLPAK CLAD.

isolpak-1.jpg isolpak-2.jpg



A better solution against water ingress that also has aesthetical benefits compared to metal.
The ease of use without the need for fabrication provides major time and cost benefits.
Contractor changes specifications to ISOLPAK CLAD 7-Layer whenever possible.