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TTM at IEX - Insulation Expo Europe 2018:

Innovations of the technical jacketing sector

Berger-Leo-Karl-Otto-CV17.jpg Interview with Leo Karl Otto Berger
COO / Export Manager, TTM GmbH

Mr. Berger, how do you think the market for technical insulation will develop in the medium term?

Our core business is strongly correlated to the construction industry. Clearly we notice this interdependency with a certain time displacement, because technical insulation, or in our case the jacketing, is installed last of all. This situation will not change considerably in the medium-term.
In an international context, we recognize a trend away from PVC foils and towards high-tech multilayer films, like ISOLPAK ALU. The reason for this shifting is on the one hand the raising awareness of project promoters regarding new flammability tests and on the other hand the advantages in installation. It is getting more and more difficult to find experts who are able to professionally install metal jacketing and therefore technical jacketing systems like ISOLPAK CLAD, which are multifunctional, self-adhesive and easy to handle, present a significant advantage.
Manufacturers in the HVAC sector are looking optimistically into the future and this will have a positive impact also in our field of technical insulation.

Which topics are currently in the focus for your company and will continue to gain more importance?

In addition to the familiar challenges within our industry, like energy efficiency, ecology, globalization and logistics, during the year 2018 we will focus on investments, which lead us towards 4.0 Industry. Our goal is a complex modernization and an expansion of the value-added processes, so that we can offer our customers individual and innovative solutions.

Which new solutions do you show at the IEX 2018?

We will present some interesting developments and innovations of the technical jacketing sector. The attention will be put on self-adhesive, multifunctional jacketing foils, which can be used for diversified applications and on the same time respond on different technical requirements. The new foils are available in black, white and silver; always self-adhesive and packed in rolls: ISOLPAK CLAD 7-layer.

What distinguishes these new solutions and products?

Simplicity and variety! Our jacketing foils can be especially used for HVAC ducts. Installation on HVAC ducts: take ISOLPAK CLAD out of the box, pull off the liner, stick the foil on the duct and everything is done! According to different environments, we offer the variety which is needed.

To whom do you address yourself specifically with these products?

Principally promotors of international projects are often pressed for time and search quick solutions for their particular jacketing systems. They will benefit from our ISOLPAK ALU and ISOLPAK CLAD. With these systems one can significantly reduce logistic and assembling costs, which present an advantage in competition on big installations.