Thermaflex Isolierprodukte GmbH

Thermaflex Isolierprodukte at IEX - Insulation Expo Europe 2018:

Sustainable system solutions for heating and cooling applications


Interview with Sven Hannen,
Sales and Marketingmanager,
Thermaflex Isolierprodukte GmbH

In your opinion, how will the market for technical insulation develop in the medium term?

It looks as if the technical insulation segment in the Germany-speaking countries will shift more and more towards facilities engineering and small-scale industry. Technical insulation products will continue to gain in importance and get more advanced, especially in regard to such themes as sustainability, efficiency and environmental protection.

What topics are trending with your company right now and will continue to get more prominent?

Sustainability and environmental protection play an important role for Thermaflex. Global challenges like climate change, resource scarcity and the health of our ecosystem define our company’s long-term goals. Our philosophy is to be an active influence, find partners and have an impact – through our sustainable products but also through innovative system solutions that ensure high operational reliability.

What new solutions in this area will you showcase at IEX 2018?

Thermaflex focusses on innovative ThermaSmart PRO insulation systems for efficient and sustainable heating and cooling insulation, although we don’t just want to present traditional tubes here but also sheets and thermally prefabricated parts. Visitors can see the outstanding properties of our insulation systems and unique processing options right onsite, and they can participate in workshops.

What distinguishes the new systems and machines?

With ThermaSmart PRO, we’re offering THE system solution for heating and cooling applications. It offers excellent performance and flexibility with a maximum of operational reliability and energy savings potential. ThermaSmart PRO was developed specifically in order to combine superb and long-lasting benefits with a quick and simple solution for our customers. The material is easy to process for users, and by offering an expanded range with sheet materials, fire protection solutions and prefab parts, we’re able to deliver a complete system for our customers. Sustainability, efficiency and reliability, all from a single source.

Who specifically are you targeting with your products?

Our offerings are targeted at heating, cooling, acoustic and fire protection insulators and HVAC and plumbing companies (in conjunction with specialised retailers) with an interest in professional and innovative insulation solutions.